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Monday, March 15, 2004


Hi Brian,

I have to take exception to your comment about gantthead.com . We are recognized as a very valuable resource on the web and spend a great deal of money on content to ensure that we remain the largest community of project managers on the web. Anyone who knows me (and a lot of people mentioned in your blog do) knows how important it is to me that gantthead be a useful, practical resource for our members.

I would challenge you to show me articles on gantthead that are actually advertising. We intentionally make the vast majority of our content technology agnostic to make sure that's not the case. That's something that the high-profile technology trades can't claim. Some writers may talk about particular techniques or approaches they use, but that's the whole point - to share practical experiences.

That having been said, I think that blogs are very valuable and you will soon see us offering our members new ways to have their voices heard more easily. With less controlled delivery tools like gantthead-based blogs (which I am looking forward to hosting), some of them will choose to promote themselves - and as long as they provide value to our readers, that's ok.

Dave Garrett
CEO, gantthead.com

PS - Nice blog. It's always great to see someone with a lot to say on the subject of PM.

I stand corrected then! I did not know they added atom feeds. I guess that is a start since many of the big readers do atom!

Thanks for the update...

Brian K

Not that I would ever want to promote blogger.com (I think it's a fairly flawed system), but they recently added atom feed capability to all their blogs, so they can provide rss feeds.

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