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Sunday, March 07, 2004


Don't have time for a fully thought-out response, but...

Good points, Brian, but all those percentages are a pain. Keep it simple. Instead of worrying about 65% or 70% or whatever, why not just estimate in terms of days, in which personal availability levels are assumed to be part of the mix? And instead of agonizing over where to set "max units," why not just swag the amount of historical time resources are doing non-project work and simply limit the available resources to such a number? Of you've got 10 people carrying a particular skill and they spend 30% of their time on maintenance and day-to-day stuff, just put in 7 people against which projects can be promised. (Maybe this is the same thing as Max units, although I'm not talking about names for resources, just bodies that carry the skill.) And finally, rather than worrying about the percentage of time people don't spend on a project task, design, support, enable, and enforce workplace behaviors that encourage them to work on tasks with single focus. (Oh, and use a critical chain plug-in for MSP to provide rational resource leveling BEFORE determination of the critical path/chain.)

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