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Wednesday, May 11, 2005



The physical presence of a PMO is not necessary. Just behave as if you have
one. Ask the same questions a PMO would ask.

I'd conjecture there is a VAST number of project managers are hidden inside large firms and have all these tools and more. We probably have a 1,000 people who "manage" projects as planners, cost analyst, IPT leads, using all the tools and processes of Lockheed. They NEVER get out of the building, attend a PMI event, talk to anyone outside their comparmentalized project.

Locally Ratheon, NG, Ball, Level 3, Pharma's and the 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers
have similar numbers....

In either case, "thinking like a PMO" is the starting point.

Sure this is the job of the PMO but only in the land of milk and honey (organizations big enough and projectized enough to have PMOs). Im addressing this to those that are not lucky enough to have a professional PMO staff backing them up and doing these kinds of impact assessments. I have no numbers to back it up but I'd be willing to bet that the VAST majority of project managers have no such organization and no formalized process for doing such assessements.

My thoughts here pertain only to those PMs and those organizations that do not currently do in depth impact assessments.

This is he role of the Program Management Office and Portfolio management. No chages (add, deletes, changes) are made without on impact assessment.

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