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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


1. Unless I am missing something about the way that IMP\IMS thinks about tasks this may not actually address the issue I was thinking about. I also might not have done a good job of describing my thoughts on this one. My fear for this one is that in lots of planning methodologies any one deliverable in the grand scheme ofa project might not be easily separable from the whole. it might be a specific module of code or even a specific set of features that is the deliverable but unless it is delivered as part ofthe completed whole project then that deliverable does not address the strategy. As much as I like breakdown structures for decomposing larger things into small things I do still tend to focus on the whole system rather than any one specific part.

3. I agree but I highlighted this as an issue mostly to think about how most companies do the linkage process for strategy-project alignment. It is often done once up front. I actually, thinking about it more, see this process as being one that may force the hands of companies that align once and make them go through the alignment exercise more often.

4. I will add this to the now staggering reading list that this little side project has created for me!



Good stuff. Here's some approaches to the issues:

1. An Integrated Master Plan / Integrated Master Schedule (IMP/IMS) number can be used to "code" each task and deliverable. By assigning the IMP/IMS number the paln can be "picked up" by a variety of ways (pivot table paradigm).

2. Anyone disagreeing has made it into the "performance based" contracting world. Even the US Government has figured this out. You're absolutley on the right track.

3. Rolling waves avoid the BDUF problem. Keep the rolling waves at some graularity sufficient for the project. We typically run 1 1/2 to 2 waves per year on a multi-year (generational) program.

4. I sent the DoD IMP/IMS prepration and use guide (8/15/05). This is the current thinking on how to do what you are describing in the defense and civil space business.

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