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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Accounting Calenadars are coming in 2007 too!



This does sound rather interesting. One of the main reasons I find managers not wanting to utilize project for costs is due to this reason...the inability of Project to properly categorize costs.

Looking forward to this.


This feature will close the gap between discrete work and level of effort work (which traditionally was not held in the schedule).

Now ALL work and ALL costs will be in one place and in sync with the cost accounting system (Cost View in our case).

Now when the accounting calendar and the EV fixes come we'll be back in business here in aerospace.

That sounds great, as it could be the solution to a problem currently, where I want to have one task item for a piece of outsourced work, with the cost representing the total for the contract. this is OK for planning, but the problem comes when multiple payments are made on that contract over a period of time, and I want to track actual costs. Currently I can do the cost actuals only by making each payment a subtask, which is a PIA to manage - I have zillions of task items in my plans that are only there to represent single payments.

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