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Wednesday, May 03, 2006



This approach changes the architecure for multi-project programs in significant ways (for the better). In 2003 you have to build a "combined" file in order to run things like Risk+ or do any Enteprise style planning in a single file. You can of course use the server as the source of data.

But the new approach lets you (I'm speculating from the marketing litertaure) to "pivot" the combined enterprise program into a new view. This is critical to aerospace programs, where the baseline enterprise program plan (ours has 8,000 or so activities and our bigger brothers have 30,000 or so activities) from an IMP/IMS architecure (Program Event based) to a WBS or IPT architecture. This takes place post-award between contract signing and Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) which is usually 9-0 days.

So now the 90 days will be replaced with a few days of rearranging the activities into seperated schedule by "selecting the activities with IPT code == Vendor, resolving the external lonks (which we've figured out how to do) and remaking a project file.

Cool, at least for us...thanks for the update.

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