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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Sub RollDown()
Dim T As Task
Dim A As Assignment

For Each T In ActiveProject.Tasks
If Not (T Is Nothing) Then
For Each A In T.Assignments
A.Text1 = T.Text1
Next A
End If
Next T
End Sub

"You used to have to write VBA code to do this." For those of us with Project 2003, what is that VBA code you are referring to? Where can I find it?


We use CSTI (http://www.gocsti.com/default.aspx) for this feature currently. The power comes when a re-plan takes place and resoureces need to be moved along with BCWS. Any actuals have to stay in place of course along with their performance (BCWP).

The second use of the CSTI tool is to load a higher level task (we don't use summary tasks or indented schedules) to "hold" the estimates prior to baselining. Then flow down the "planned BCWS" to the subordinate tasks when the workpackage is baselined.

It'll be nice to have this capability within an add-on.

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