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Sunday, October 21, 2007


To answer M's question, I believe that is a NO. It only shows up on your My Tasks page. We have ran into this issue many times where the assignment owner was set to someone else and because of that the Import Timesheet function didn't work for that user. There was no tasks in the My Tasks page for the time to import to.

Brian, Do you know if there are any issues out there now regarding the assignment owner getting changed somehow? I know that it can be changed manually, but any chance of a system bug causing it to be changed automatically?

Do assignments show up in My Tasks view for every team mebmer also (assigned resource), not just their supervisor (Asignment Owner)? For example, if I'm AO for TASK1 that has assigned resource JOHN SMITH, does this task show up in My Tasks view and in John's My Task's view?

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